AGDQTool was written in C# and WPF using Visual Studio 2013. It was designed to interface with the XSplit broadcasting program as a plugin to reduce the desktop clutter of screen-region captures. The program provides simple controls for manipulating a text fields on a stream layout as a part of a speedrun marathon schedule. The schedule spreadsheet can be changed while the application is running. A Config dialog can be used to change font settings, and a Preview window can be used to test the layout and adjust the position and sizes of text fields. There is also an Image Slideshow component for displaying groups of images on stream that correspond to different parts of the schedule (i.e. prizes for different blocks of games).

I wrote AGDQTool free of charge for Games Done Quick, and it was used during the marathons AGDQ 2013, SGDQ 2013, AGDQ 2014, and SGDQ 2014 on