Platform Panic

Download Link and Source Code: GitHub
Note: Requires the Java Runtime Environment 8 to be installed on your computer.

Platform Panic is a side-scroller where all you can do is run and jump. The objective is to activate every platform in a level as quickly as possible, which is done simply by jumping and landing on each platform. There are many types of platforms, and they may do different things such as move around or disappear once they have been activated.

Development for Platform Panic began in May 2010, mostly in an effort to learn the Java programming language. It was originally a Java applet on an old website of mine that integrated with a leaderboard, but updates to Java and browsers over time rendered it unplayable. Recently reviving this in 2016, I converted the game into a desktop application, finished up the remaining levels, updated graphics, added music playback, cleaned up some bugs, and released the source code.

Some graphics taken from: Mega Man 2, Final Fantasy VI, and some tilesets from [Here] (but I can't remember which)
Some sounds taken from: Mega Man 2
Music taken from: Journey to Silius, Rescue Rangers, Ninja Gaiden 3, Mitsume ga Tooru, Gradius 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3
Everything else is by me. Programmed in Java using the base Java libraries, Swing, and JavaFX.

Full Playthrough: