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Game Category Best Time
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril   any% normal 42:51  
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment any% normal 1:04:01  
Dragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi Maryuu     any% 29:xx
Final Fantasy III     any% no glitched jobs 1:45:07  
any% no credits warp 59:xx
Final Fantasy IX   any% PSX NA 10:11:42  
Grandia III   any% 5:58:51  
Helen's Mysterious Castle any% 4x:xx
The Krion Conquest any% 17:29  
Mega Man 2     any% normal 27:44  
any% difficult 28:xx
Mega Man 4   any% 39:58
Mega Man 10   normal mode, Mega Man, no DLC 35:28  
Mega Man Romhacks   Rockman 2 Claw 29:5x
Rockman 2 Gray Zone 50:xx
Rockman 2 Deus Ex Machina 37:09  
Rockman 4 Minus Infinity   55:15
Mitsume ga Tooru any% easy 18:08  
Ninja Gaiden   any% 12:17  
Ninja Gaiden 2     any% 10:40  
sword only 12:51  
pacifist 16:22  
Ninja Gaiden III any% 14:42  
Rockin' Kats any% 24:23  
Shovel Knight New Game+ 52:00  
Super Mario Bros. 3     any% no wrong-warp 11:13  
warpless 53:24  
100% 1:13:15  
Super Mario World no cape, no Star World 38:12  
Super Metroid any% NMG 59:14  
Super Ninja Kun   any% co-op 21:09