Mega Man 2 Randomizer


Survival Tips

  • If the wind knockback from a fan enemy seems to make a jump impossible, trying pausing and unpausing multiple times in mid-air to fall slower.
  • An uncharged Atomic Fire always does Buster damage. So, when testing boss weaknesses, use a fully-charged Atomic Fire.
  • Atomic Fire is generally much more effective than it is in Mega Man 2. There is a chance that it skips one or both charge levels, an uncharged shot may sometimes cost no ammo, and fully-charged shots always cost less ammo.
  • Time Stopper has a 75% chance to have a reusable behavior, like Mega Man 4's Bright Stopper. Also, remember that one Robot Master will always be weak to Time Stopper.
  • Heat, Flash, Bubble, Clash weapons are all generally more effective than they were in Mega Man 2, often costing much less ammo or having more useful properties than before.
  • In the Wily stages, the Dragon, Picopico-kun, Gutsdozer, and Wily Machine each have a 25% chance to take 1 damage from Buster, in addition to its other randomly selected weaknesses. Consider checking these bosses and defeating them with buster to save ammo!
  • 2 additional large weapon capsules have been added to Wily 5 and Wily 6 each.

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